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  • sliderfreedom is reflected in
    a happy equine soul
  • sliderelegance and attentiveness
    – a harmonious interplay
  • slidermovement, strength and stamina
    as the elixir of life
  • sliderhappy and balanced in
    the right herd

Vision & Motivation

Appropriate horsemanship – our ideal, our vision, our aim!

We are committed to keeping horses in such a way that they are able to behave and move as nature intends. They should be free to exhibit innate behaviours and needs, such as the urge to move, herd instincts and social contact, and intensely so. A correct approach also means that horses and ponies are kept in open stabling and that they can feel a wide variety of ground surfaces with their natural hooves (with no iron horseshoe as a barrier).

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An informative overview of the innovative 100% Swiss made hoof boot.


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Long-lasting Hoof Boot - Swiss Made - for a meaningful Vision

As a tiny family start-up we got so fare because many people supported with their heads (brains), hearts and hands. We are more than grateful to receive this outstanding support. To achieve the next level our resources and financial possibilities are limited so we hope that we can count for a second time on your supporting “boost” and the crowd sharing our vision and values.

Durable and long lasting pleasure – 1000km achieved and many more ahead of us Ms Evi Bieler reports 1000km under the hoof and not tired at all! Dear Swiss Galoppers Family, I am pleased to inform you that my very first pair of shoes has 1,000 kilometres of heavy-pounding behind it and is sure to last... Read More Durable and long lasting pleasure – 1000km achieved and many more ahead of us
Report Evi Bieler As a passionate horseback hiker I am always interested in new horse boot makes, having already tried most of the makes on the market. I had been following the Swiss Galoppers project for some time with great interest and was... Read More Report Evi Bieler

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